Welcome to Life in Line 123!  After first publishing this website, I have had repeated requests for a way to see or sample the forms.  Finding a way to do so has been challenging to preview them without giving it all away.  At this point I’ve chosen to bring one set of pages/forms out of the “password protected area” onto the Home page, with the hopes of giving a good example of how the system works.  This is one form that can be printed and put into your personalized planner–with 5 variations.

As I explain within the website, there are a variety of ways this one form or page can be personalized and used.  With no columns, it serves as a Notes or Journal page for a week.  With multiple columns, you can use it to serve as a typical Event or Appointment Planner, Menu Planner, Journal of meals, events, weight, or medications, Planner for several people, or a combination of several of these.  In my first Basic Planner, I used the front of the page to plan Events, Daily Must-Do items, and Daily Focus.  On the back of it I used the same form to record Notes, Meals Eaten, and Goal Achievements for each day of the week.

LIL 7 Date Journal

LIL 7 date planner 2 col

LIL 7 date planner 3 col

LIL 7 Date Planner 4 col

LIL 7 Date Planner 5 col


Here’s a quick overview of why this system is uniquely usable by just about everyone!

1.  Comprehensive system that allows you to keep up with the things you need to.  Goals, tasks, projects, appointments, household management, small business management, journaling and record-keeping and much, much more . . . . . .

2.  Fully customizable system designed to let you choose which forms you need, title them the way you will use them, and then make changes every time your life changes!

3.  Printing from home makes it immediately ready to use, allows you to change your ideas instantly, AND saves you money.

4.  Videos give clear explanations of the possibilities of each form AND give you a wealth of ideas.

5.  You can keep your system polished and business-like OR add color and variety . . . while accommodating your preferences for size and binding, too . . . . . whatever floats your boat.

6.  Lists of ideas and step-by-step procedures simplify the planning process . . . .start with bare bones and build on your successes!

7.  The Lifetime Membership means you’ll never miss out on updates, improvements and additional pages and forms as they come available.

8.  As much information as an all-day seminar available from the comfort and convenience and availability of your own home!


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